Financial and legal consulting

We offer all kind of financial and legal consulting for individuals and companies, and are specializing in international business towards...

  • Formation of companies, foundations and trusts
  • Reconstruction of companies
  • Buying and selling companies
  • Opening of bank accounts
  • Tax planning
  • Asset management and asset protection
  • Trust accounts and trustee service
  • Loans
  • Project funding


We act as a broker for many banks and financial institutions around the world, as well as for companies and individuals. So if you are looking to start a company, we will customize a profile, and a concept for you. And we are also well experienced when it comes to buying and selling....

  • Ships and yachts
  • Homes and land property
  • Financial instruments, gold and precious metals
  • Art, gems and collectibles

Investing and Trading

When it comes to investments, we can offer a wide range of options for almost all clients who have money to invest.

Depending on the wanted risk-reward ratio, we can offers anything from conservative and low-risk investments, to moderate risk with higher returns, up to high-risk investments with extreme returns. Amounts from as little as 5.000 EUR or USD are accepted on joint-accounts, and as little as 50.000 EUR or USD on managed account.

And for the sophisticated investor, we can also offer high-yield private placement programs by invitation only. This requires a minimum of 10 million EUR or USD.

We have our own in-house traders for trading on the spot market for currencies, metals, CFD's, crude oil and different securities. And can offer anything from joint-investing accounts to secured managed accounts (where clients are in full control over their money on their own trading account).