Regulus Finance, Ltd. was incorporated in the Seychelles in 2010 upon request by its owner. The company was registered for the purposes of doing business. The jurisdiction Seychelles was chosen as this jurisdiction offer a high level of anonymity and privacy, and is regarded as one of few offshore legislation that is still very stable, good reputed and without any treaties with EU or USA when it comes to confidentiality.


Regulus Finance, Ltd. has a share capital of 10 million Euro, and backed by its owner who have assets equivalent to more than 2 billion dollar, and domiciled in another jurisdiction. This ensures a solid economic basis for the company, and is also as a guarantee for all clients who are interested in colloboration.

Company Board

The Board of Directors consists of 10 people, who each have many years of professional experience in international corporate governance. They come from nearly all continents, and consist of bankers, lawyers, and businessmen, who all have a long professional experience in their respective field.

Office and co-workers

The traditinal way of doing business is a physical office with employees. Our company is different in that respect, as we do not have any office that you can visit, nor any employees working for us. Instead, we have a network of professionals that work on a commission basis. Some are also members of the board, but are independent indivduals in different countries, each specialized in its profession. And when meeting are needed, we are able to meet clients virtually anywhere in the world.